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... I've missed LJ. Tumblr is full of butthurt. Why did I ever leave?


Drabble - Absolutely Beastly

A little drabble I wrote for disney_kink.

Fandom: Beauty and the Beast/Princess and the Frog crossover
Pairing: Beast/Charlotte
Prompt: Lottie would do anything to be a princess, even travel to a cursed castle to try and woo herself a beast.

Lottie would do anything to be a princess, even travel to a cursed castle to try and woo herself a beast.Collapse )


I have been dead for a long, long time =/


Just to share a quick laugh:

The environmental awareness society in my school, NUS Save, implemented a major campus-wide event today which had the majority of the student population up in arms: they sealed up/hid 90% of the rubbish bins.

The aim of this, naturally, was to prevent people from throwing away their waste and thus forcing them to consider how much gets thrown away in one day. Of course, they didn't forsee the major problems with this grand plan.

The bins were hidden away at stairwells and other convenient places; some bins which could not be taken away were filled to the point of bursting, leaking their contents onto the ground. Some people didn't even bother, tossing their rubbish in any convenient corner. Members of Save acted as cleaners for the day, rushing around campus to clean up the mess.

Worse still, the real cleaners were kept busy all day (and all week, by the looks of the school).

The highlight of the event was a member of Save, responding to irate students' comments, unveiled future plans of a 'new integrated recycling and rubbish masterplan'.




On the other hand, my brand-new umbrella was destroyed by the typhoon winds. Boo.


First things first: it is as hot and humid in Japan as it was in Singapore. So much for traveling north of the equator.

After spending 10 days in Tokyo (also known as spending money on obscure, cheap fandom goodies) I'm going on to Kyoto tomorrow morning.

Shrine and temple overdose, here I come! :D

So much fail.

Singapore, you're a nice country and all that. Your education is top-notch; people like me can escape discrimination in our home countries to compete based on merit.

But please don't try to teach people to be nice. It's just not possible.


Story Update - [Haru]

I posted this, and then forgot to note it on LJ... a whole month on. *facepalms*

Title: Argument #12, 492
Fandom: Sakura Taisen
Author: yumi_michiyo 
Genre: General/Romance/Drama
Prompt: #43 - the ogre injured, written for 100_fairytales 
Rating: K
Universe: Manga canon, takes place after chapter 24
Word count: 1,461
Cross-posted to 100_fairytales  and FF.net
Author's Note: Part 7 of the serial Haru.
Summary: Sumire and Kanna have another one of their blowups.

"Don't they ever stop fighting?"Collapse )


It's the beginning of Anime Festival Asia, Day 2... and I'm still tired from the previous day, LOL. Will have photos of the entire thing up in a day or so, when I'm not that tired? XD